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This deviation was deleted

First of all, I just want to say that I'm not a professional and I'm really bad at drawing, but I just want to give you some feed back. The drawing is very eye catching and beautiful, but I think it is missing some highlights (I think it's a bit too much blue and green). I like your Vocaloid character, It's very original. I like how you focus on the main character. I think that you could try and put some more... you know, life in the character's face, especially on the eyes, because it look a bit mechanical-like to me. I don't know much about manga, but then I think it would be a bit more beautiful if you drew this is the thin-faced style. Also, I feel like Sabi's left cheek (the one that is showing) and Miku's leg look kind of... awkward. And I think that the features on Sabi and Miku's clothes (The technological and electrical numbers/ symbol) should be more bright, like glowing lights under their skin (sounds creepy. I'm imagining it should glow like the timer in the movie In Time). Overall I really like this art work and again, I'm not professional, but those are the things that I think will make your drawing a bit better.
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